Be Still

Wait, then wait some more. Hurry, rush, then hurry more. How much of our lives are dictated by time? How often are you exactly on time? We are most often early or late. Even in music, dance, and so many other technical professions, timing is so important. Even still, often our timing can just be off.

God’s timing is never off. All things happen when, how, and why he wants…every time. We rarely understand God’s timing, but do you ever pause to reflect on what God’s plan is in the moment? It’s usually easier to see why things happen long after the fact, but I think it’s easier to be grateful for God’s plan when we recognize it in the moment.

I see this frequently in my office. My schedule will be packed full and suddenly I’ll get a cancelation. It’s frustrating to have a hole in my schedule, but I’ve learned to be still in these moments. God always has a plan. Maybe there is an errand I can run to save my sanity during the craziness of life, but most often, another patient will call that just really needs to be seen. It’s such a blessing in these moments when I can tell that person that I just happen to have one opening in my schedule that just so happens to work for their schedule. That’s God….every time.

What happens when you have a disruption in your schedule or life just doesn’t go the way YOU planned? Try stopping for just a moment to reflect on what God might be trying to insert in your life instead. Or, maybe He’s removing something that would have been in your path that wasn’t part of His plan had you proceeded with YOUR plan.

Go forth my friends and be still.

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