Essential Oils and Anger

I addressed dealing with anger in a previous post.  Everyone has grumpy days.  Sometimes the day just starts out that way.  Other times, a series of events can cause anger to build throughout the day.  There are so many out there that rush to the doctor for medication for emotional issues.  Sometimes there is just no other option.  However, in many cases, essential oils can be used to ease these emotional issues naturally.

When dealing with anger, there are several oils that can be used.  For application in the case of emotional issues, I would either recommend inhaling the scent of the oil, diffusing the oil, or applying the oil topically.  If applying topically, the best places to apply are the inside of the wrists, along the brain stem on the back of the neck, and on the bottoms of the feet.  See the introduction post in this category for more specific notes on application.  Single oils useful in dealing with feelings of anger include Cardamom, Thyme, Geranium, and Ylang Ylang.  Essential oil blends include the Calming Blend, and Women’s Blend.

Cardamom can help to bring balance, mental clarity, and objectivity to an angry state.  It is particularly helpful with people who seem to get angry with other people.  For this, Cardamom is helpful in eliminating emotional distortions that allow people to see others as inconveniences.  As a result of using Cardamom, a person could feel more responsible for their own feelings rather than blaming others.  This will lead a person to feel more at peace and more in control of their feelings.

Thyme is known as the oil for emotional cleansing because of its ability to bring old, stagnant feelings to the surface.  It is beneficial specifically with deeper feelings of anger such as hate, rage, and resentment.  Thyme rids the soul of negativity and allows a person to feel tolerance and patience for others.  This then leads to the ability to work toward forgiveness.

Geranium is known to assist a person with issues of love and trust.  It restores confidence in the goodness in others.  Geranium encourages emotional honesty, love, and forgiveness.  It softens anger so that more effective work can be done to heal emotional wounds.

Ylang Ylang is very beneficial for someone who feels stuck and is having trouble releasing emotional wounds from the past.  It is very helpful for the person who tends to “bottle up” their emotions.  In releasing the body and mind from this “stuck” state, Ylang Ylang helps a person to feel that joy and happiness can be experienced and that they can work through those “stuffed” emotions.

One of my favorite oil blends to use in emotional healing is the Calming Blend.  It is most useful for people who have a very difficult time with forgiveness.  This oil blend helps to soften the heart so that healing can happen.  As a society, I think that we have the tendency to have much too high of expectations of others.  The Calming Blend works to ease our critical nature and be more tender and compassionate.  It encourages the person to examine their own issues first rather than turning immediately to blaming others.

The Women’s Blend is not just for women.  It can encourage one to let go of their pride, and, when placed directly over the liver, can tame feelings of anger, tension, and irritability.  The Women’s Blend has the ability to assist in knocking down the tough exterior we sometimes put up as a defense against raw emotions.

Again, essential oils cannot do the emotional work for us.  Emotional healing is a process and essential oils are meant only to assist in this process.

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  1. makeyouom
    Mar 19, 2015 @ 22:19:58

    I love this! I have been interested in starting essential oils and I think this post has confirmed that I should do it. I would love to teach my clients about this someday after I have more experience and knowledge. Very very cool. Thanks for sharing! 🙂


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